25 | 05 | 2017

Sidetours Incoming Services, Awarded by ACPETUR as the Best Tourist Trajectory

The Catalan Association of Journalists and Writers of Economy and Tourism (ACPETUR) have awarded Sidetours Incoming Services the Best Touristic Trajectory Award, awarded by this association every year.

The president of Sidetours, Bernardo Quetglas, received the award from the General Director of Tourism of the Balearic Islands, Pilar Carbonell, in the XXII Ali Bei Tourism Awards, called the 'Nit del Turisme de Catalunya'. The awards ceremony was attended by more than 500 people held at the Hotel Porta Fira de L'Hospitalet.

These awards are given to individuals, companies or entities that by their evolution, work or distinction stand out in the tourism, economy and gastronomy world

  • To the best tourist trajectory, Bernardo Quetglas, Sidetours President.
  • To the Best Centenary Hotel Trajectory , Joan Antón Matas, Gremio of Sitges President.
  • To Transportation for the direct links between Barcelona and Washington DC, this award will be presented to United Airlines.
  • To the Family Company with the Best business trajectory, Juvé & Camps company.
  • To the Best Tourist Product (shared prize) CENTRE D'INTREPRETACIÓ DEL CAVA (CIC FASSINA) de Sant Sadurní d'Anoia and to Simon Coll Xocolates.
  • To the Best Tourist destination, award to Begur.
  • To the Best Hotel Director 2016, Pau Vila, Marriott Auditorium Viages.General Director.
  • To the Best Business Leadership in the Tourist sector, to Ms. Fina Muñoz, Chief Executive Officer of IAG7 Viajes.
  • To the Tourist Destination of Success Núria Marín, pick up by Francesc Bellver, as cargo 1er Tinent alcalde de L´ Hospitalet de Llobrega

In the event, organized by the Association of Journalists and Writers of Tourism and Economy (ACPETUR), representatives of institutions and professionals from journalism, hotel and tourism like Núria Marín, mayor of L'Hospitale; The General Director of AENA, Fernando Echegaray; The General Director of Tourism of Illes Balears, Pilar Carbonell, among other authorities. The event was chaired by the president of ACPETUR, Professor Domènec Biosca.