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At Sidetours Incoming Services we work to develop the best IT solutions and offer operators and agencies all our products with the greatest comfort.

With the development of XML programming and B2B platform, you have all of Sidetours potential as part of your company.

We have powerful technological tools at your service: SideRes, XML Integrations, ExtraNet, EBooking, Channel Manager y E-Invoicing.

Technological solutions
B2B for your agency

Come to the winning side. In our professional platform SideRes you will find tourist experiences at a single click and ready to sell.

All our experience and the team professionals from Sidetours at your disposal through this powerful B2B Online platform for the management and sale of all our catalog products and services.

Your Web Integrated
with Sidetours products

XML integration allows you to offer on your website and under your corporate brand the full range of products provided by Sidetours.

A great variety of products and services ready to offer, having control of your business at any time
You will be able to check at any where and time, all reservation and availability information in real time.

An Integral solution for hotels
In Real time

Website design for hotels where the establishments can manage the information of each own hotel as well as their prices, allotments, stop sales, offers, available options, etc.

Consult and manage your Sidetours reservations in real time. All the control under one tool.

Automate and manage
Your reservations

At Sidetours we have Web Services design for hotel establishments. Download the reservations and integrate them directly into your PMS.

With this solution, we facilitate both the introduction of reservations in your system and help in managing the occupancy of rooms.

Channel Manager, the Effective solution
for automated Management Control

If you are a hotel, connect with Sidetours through your Channel Manager and effectively and automatically manage your prices, allotments, etc.

In addition to receiving our reservations you will have, direct connection with more than 20 Channel Managers.

Your Web Integrated
with Sidetours products

We facilitate the management of your charges and payments through electronic invoicing.

Check your invoices from our website and download them instantly or automatically insert them in your system to have all the documentation with a single click.

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With our XML programming and B2B platform developments, you have Sidetours full potential as part of your company.

Sidetours Support

We have our own team of computer technicians and highly specialized programmers dedicated exclusively to the development of our applications.This guarantees the best technical and commercial support to launch your own marketing platform for tourism products.

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